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    Presentation variable with bi publisher report

      Hi Everyone,
      I had a requirement like,
      > BI Analysis as a datasource in BI Publisher.
      > I need to show a prompt in bi publisher for fiscal year(let us assume)
      For that waht i had done was,

      > i had created obiee report with 3 columns, as one of the columns(fiscal year) i had make use of presentation variable.
      i,e i created presentation var for fiscal year.,.

      Then in BIP, i created a data model, and data set with that bi analysis as a source.
      then i had created a parameter for fiscal year in the data model, and when i had created a report in bip and running the report the parameter i am able to see and change but the data in the report is not getting updated or affected accordingly to the parameter.

      Already i had set default value for the presentation var.

      Pls help me anyone.,.


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