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    PL/SQL Object Dependant Inheritance

      I'm trying out some OOP coding in PL/SQL to see if it might be worth using in a project. So far it's not looking good...

      Say I have 2 objects, Organization and Department. Org looks like:

      create type Organization as object (
      org_type varchar2,
      org_location varchar2,
      depts Departments -- the departments collection (there are many departments)
      ) not final;

      and the Department object I want to inherit the orgs attributes, and looks like:

      create type Department as object under Organization (
      dept_number varchar2,
      dept_name varchar2

      then the Departments collection:

      create type Departments as table of Department;

      Now this all fails because I can't compile Department until Organization is compiled, and I cant compile that until Departments is compiled...which cannot be created until Department exists...

      I tried using a forward type definition, like so:

      create type Departments;

      which creates, but the Organization and Department still fail to compile.

      I think I'm missing something conceptually or syntactically...not sure which...

      How would such a scenario be coded?