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    oracle doc

      Hi all,
      i saw an error on the oracle documentation (or there is something i'm not able to understand).

      If i read the following diagram:
      ADD { ( column datatype [DEFAULT expr] [inline_constraint [inline_constraint]...]
             [inline_ref_constraint] )
          [, { ( column datatype [DEFAULT expr] [inline_constraint [inline_constraint]...]
                [inline_ref_constraint] )
      and i want to create the statment to alter a table i see that the "(" is a must, but if i execute the following:
      alter table employees add video bfile
      it works too, while on oracle documentation the statment should be written as
      alter table employees add (video2 bfile)
      some one can explain to me why (I'm not able to read oracle documentation?

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          Hello Francesco,

          as long as you add only one column Oracle does not insinst on the brackets, maybe because it is clear what you want to do. Sometimes the syntax is not enforced in every detail but you should not rely on it. The behaviour might change in future releases.