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    UI flow: any possibility to have a 'drill down'?

      Hi all,

      I am looking at developing a plug-in where I need to present a list of servers, where the user can then select a server for which he wants to see further detailed information.

      I know I can add links at the bottom of the page, but is there any way in the 'Metadata UI' to implement this 'drill down' functionality?

      The alternative is to go the Flex-based way, but that could introduce a whole lot more than I bargained for.

      Many thanks,
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          I'm not aware of a way to get the drill down functionality you're describing in a Metadata-only UI.

          However, the transition to a basic Flex UI (the HostSample is a good reference), may not be as bad as you think. You can use the Metadata UI you've already created and use a little Flex/Actionscript to implement the drill down.

          Mike Kelly

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