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    Suggestion for Improved Links of Sticky Post

      As of the time of this post Mel has posted a link to cloud website. I personally find that page crowded and hyped to the extent that it masks links to perhaps more useful sites: ( The menu dropdowns off the top menu bar were not noticed by me (okay I may be blind), because of noise from the rest of the page):

      I would suggested that sticky post is expanded by the moderator of this forum and the following links (or similar) be included:

      Oracle cloud website home page:

      Oracle cloud FAQs and Resources:

      Cloud Computing on Oracle Technology Network:

      The current Oracle Cloud "Offerings" are available from the home page and from the offerings menu on the cloud website menu bar. (Somehow the presentation on the home page hinders me rather than helps me):

      Oracle cloud Certifications:
      Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service 2012 Certified Implementation Specialist:
      Oracle Certified Professional/Master, Database Cloud Administrator:
      Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Certified Implementation Specialist
      Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Certified Implementation Specialist

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      This would certainly miss a way of getting to Oracle Unversity cloud related offerings:
      For this goto http://education.oracle.com and search for training using the keyword 'cloud'