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    Insurance - DocuMaker Workstation Problem

      We are a Managing General Insurance Agency. We only run DocuMaker Workstation.

      We are currently running DocuMaker Workstation version 11.3 (400.113).

      We migrated to Windows 7 (64 bit) last year from XP SP3 and have frequent daily crashes when completing policies ever since.

      The error is: AFEMNW32 has stopped working.

      Should we be running Windows 7 (32 bit) or go back to Windows XP SP3?

      Hope some one can help. This problem is taking its toll on our bottomline production. Thank You!
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          Bryan Burr-Oracle
          Documaker 12.0 was the first version to support windows 7. Documaker 11.5 was updated in a patch to support Windows 7 for Studio running on the desktop. Documaker workstation was supported on Windows 7 on version 12.0 as the earliest version so 11.3 has not been tested or validated on Windows 7.
          You should
          1. Submit a support ticket to support and post the SR# here.
          2. Probably go back to XP SP3 until you can upgrade to a newer version of Documaker
          You can find the release notes and other information on the newer version on the Oracle Technology Network. I would suggest upgrading Documaker along with your OS.
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            Mr Peabody-Oracle
            When submitting your SR, do this.
            Go to the Windows Control Panel.
            Click into the Administrative Tools
            Find the Event Viewer in the list. Click that.
            In the dialog find the list and open the Windows Logs.
            Click on Applications under the Windows Logs.
            Now, in the list presented, you will probably see an error icon that was logged when the error last occurred.
            Double click on the error and this will bring up a dialog with some information.
            On that dialog is a button for Copy(ing to the clipboard). Click that and then paste the content into your submission and/or post it back here.

            There may be more information in that log message to indicate specifically which module of AFEMain failed.