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    JRE 7 update 11 & 13 locking out AD account


      I'm new to the forum don't know if this is the right place for the question. Recently in my company we are required to update to Java 7 Update 11 (from Java 7 Update 9) because of the zero day vulnerability issue.

      But after I've updated to Java 7 Update 11 every time the client tries to load the applet from the website (all the functions in the applet works fine) but it will have a bad password against her AD account

      The website is external and in the Java console it is setup with the correct proxy information. (tried using browser proxy and manually setting the proxy information)

      I'm guessing that the authentication between Java and the proxy is playing up here (also tried updating to Java 7 Update 13 but still the same), but I have no other way to tell apart from the bad password counts against her AD account every time she opens the applet.

      So I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered similar issue and how I would go about troubleshooting.

      Thank you