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    Database cloning using RMAN in WINDOWS XP


      I am trying to do Database cloning using RMAN

      I have followed below steps

      1.I have took Full backup of datafiles , controlfiles , archivelog files and spfile of the database
      2.I have created adump,bdump,cdump,dpdump,udump,pfile
      3.I have create CLONE i.e database floder in ORADATA
      4.I have modify the Pfile and I have create Password file
      5.i have create Instance using ORADIM
      6.I have started instance using PFILE and i Kept database in no mount stage.
      7.I have kept source databasae in open mode.
      8.Using RMAN I have connect bout auxillary and target database
      Then, I have run this command in RMAN

      allocate auxiliary channel c1 device type disk;
      allocate channel c2 device type disk;
      duplicate target database to 'clone';

      if i run this comand all the file are copied and media recovery got complied but In one stage command will not running and after long time It will through ERROR
      I have attached the error below

      Finished recovery at 05-FEB-13
      Contents of Memory Script:
      Shutdown clon;
      Startup clone nomount;
      Executing Memory Script
      RMAN -03002 : failure of Duplicate Db command at 02/05/2013 08:01:55
      MAN – 03015 : error occurred in stored script memory script
      RMAN – 06136 : ORACLE error from auxiliary database : ORA-01013 :user requested cancel of current operation