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    Steps to install RHEL 6.0

      I wanted clarity on the steps to install RHEL 6.0. The steps are as follows:-

      1)     Download the ISO image from the Red Hat site.
      2)     Burn it into DVD.
      3)     Download boot.iso from Red Hat (Is this step required or ISO image can install RHEL 6.0 by itself?)
      4)     Start installation from DVD.

      Request to please confirm the steps specially with regards to whether boot.iso is really required.

      Please revert with the reply to my query.

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          As i remember, the dvd image is what you need to install RHEL.
          There is a runnable DVD which will start your installation.
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            Thanks for your answer. This means that the ISO image is sufficient and the boot.iso should not be required. Request you to please check if you can and confirm on this.
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              Hi again

              I guess you want to do a DVD install (a complete instalation from DVD without network) ,so, you just must download de full DVD image (iso) of the distribution you want to install (around 3 GB – 4 GB in size) .This burned DVD will be bootable and you could make a full installation from it (take a look at )

              the rhel-variant-version-architecture-boot.iso is necessary if you want to do a +"Minimal Boot Media"+
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