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    Unreleased Expenditure Batch query

      I just have a quick question – we have a customisation where users get emailed if they have any unreleased expenditure batches.

      I have created an expenditure batch on an R12 test system (initial status: Working). I added an expenditure item to it, and saved it.

      Then I submitted the batch, and the status changed to “Submitted”. If I click “Release” then the status changes to “Released”.

      I wondered how I can create a batch with an unreleased status – do submitted batches eventually become unreleased via a concurrent job?

      Any advice would be much appreciated.

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          When you Initially create Expenditure Batch , Batch will be in Working status, later when click on Submit, Expenditure Batch status gets changed to "Submitted" until you release it doesn't get "Released"

          Ideally you can choose "Unreleased" status from the poplist in the find Expenditure batches window, system retrives all expenditure batches both which are in working and submitted status

          I hope this helps your query

          Best Regards
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            Expenditure Batches which are in "Submitted" or "Working" are considered UNRELEASED batches.
            But to release a Batch first the batch status should be in "Submitted" then only we can release it.
            There are No concurrent process available to Un-release a batch.