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    webCenter Portal Backup Plan

      Hi all,
      Please tell if there is any backup plan available with portal.
      If Yes,describe.

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          Yannick Ongena
          What do you mean by backup plan?

          Most of the info is stored in the DB so your backup plan would include backing up the DB.
          You would also need to backup your file system which would be the typical raid system whatever you like.

          There is no such thing as "WebCenter backup". You have to fall back to other backups like DB and file system backup.
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            Since WCP is multi-tier and really just a framework for letting you build and deploy well, just about anything really, there is no concise Backup and Recovery plan or single tool the way there is with Oracle RDBMS.
            Do you use WCC, Oracle IAM?, SOA? So many questions.

            You may want to review



            Chapter 16, "Introducing Backup and Recovery"

            Chapter 17, "Backing Up Your Environment"

            Chapter 18, "Recovering Your Environment"

            in order to understand the various components that can be backed up and some of the practices around that.

            With that information you can build / document and TEST your backup and recovery plan.