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    adding first meta tag in JSPX  page or template in webcenter portal project

      I need to add meta tag on the ADF page in portal application and the most important it should be first element in the <head>.
      I already succeeded in adding meta tag in JSPX page in portal application but not as first element also tried phase listener but did not worked. Use following code in phase listener
           public void beforePhase(PagePhaseEvent pagePhaseEvent)
           //for example, to listen for the RESTORE_VIEW phase
           int RESTORE_VIEW_ID = PhaseId.RESTORE_VIEW.getOrdinal();
           if (pagePhaseEvent.getPhaseId() == RESTORE_VIEW_ID)
           {HttpServletResponse response =  (HttpServletResponse) pagePhaseEvent.getLifecycleContext().getEnvironment().getResponse();
                   response.setHeader("X-UA-Compatible", "IE=7.0");
                     response.setHeader("navo", "test pass");

      Can anyone please help me to know how to add first meta tag in JSPX page in webcenter portal application project not in adf fusion application project.
      Thanks and Regards,