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    How to call Apex from Forms without SSO

      Hi all. I have posted this on forms forum, but may be the wrong place, so i'll try it here:

      We'll soon start an upgrade of our Forms / Reports 6i Application to 11g.

      I was wondering, maybe, it would be nice to add some value for the upgrade process as a whole, using some of Apex new features like web mobile interface or maybe an integration between Forms an Apex, for example to provide users with the powerful features of Interactive Reports, just to name one.

      I have found this interesting link: http://roelhartman.blogspot.com/2008/11/integrate-oracle-forms-with-apex.html. (not a 100% clear for me, but at least it is a start).

      Obviously, to make it attractive, one would expect automatic login between the two Apps. As far as i know, this could be done like this:

      1) Using SSO. With that a Portal / Forms / Reports/ Discoverer/ version would be mandatory (too expensive for some clients).

      2) Oracle Access Manager? Not sure, can Oracle Forms connect to Access Manager? or LDAP? How about the licensing costs?. Not a clue.

      3) Make all Apex pages public? Not feasible.

      4) Now this one: in our forms application, every user authenticates within the application and we internally map that application user to an actual database user. At all times we hold metadata info about the current user (app, and DB), as well as application context. So this is my question:

      It is possible to create an Apex app, with database authentication method, and somehow pass the metadata from forms, and have a kind of custom login procedure that does all the application to DB user conversion process and application context setting????

      This is a very important question for us, although not sure where to really post it...

      Feedback will be greatly appreciated .....!

      Regards,Luis ....:)=