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    ADF Mobile with

      I am new to ADF mobile and I have some questions regarding this.

      I have Jdev I want to develop a mobile application but when I try to search for a document on ADF Mobile, I found that I need to install an 'ADF Mobile' extension, which is available after

      Is there no way I can develop mobile application using ADF using jdev

      We already have ADF web application (viewcontroller and model projects). Now we want to build a mobile application. I have following doubts
      1. Can I use same model project as it is? Most of model logic is same.
      2. Mobile UI is a bit different but still few taskflows can be reused. Can I mix adf ui pages in same viewcontroller project and use this project to have WebUI as well as mobile UI. What is best practice?

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          Timo Hahn
          ADF Mobils is only availabe for the JDev. So you can't develop mobile using
          The other question are covers by the FAQ for ADF mobile...
          1) yes and no. You have to use a web service interface (SOAP or REST) to access data fro mthe server
          2) no I guess that's not possible right now. The UI is different in normal ADF applications. You should be able to use two different projects to separate the different technologies

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            Thank you Timo, for your explanation.