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    Adding a new node to a cluster

      Im have a WebLogic Domain that is running on a single machine. It appears that each server is configured to be in a cluster, however right now it is just a cluster of one. I am looking for steps to add a new node, to make each cluster have 2 servers for failover. Does anyone know where there are procedures for this?

      Most of the documentation points me to setting up one from scratch and executing the configuration manager. Do I need to use the configuration manager? Is there no way to just copy the domain to another machine and update a few things through the management console?

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          Hi 986538,

          Lets say that you have two servers. (Server1 and Server2). On Server1 you have a domain up and running with an Admin Server, some Managed Servers and a Node Manager.
          Some of the Managed Servers is part of a cluster.

          You can then do this:
          1. Create a new Machine on Server1. This Machine represent Server2.
          2. Create a new Managed Server (NewManagedServer) and add it to the Cluster. Add the NewManagedServer to the new Machine.
          3. Install the Weblogic software on Server2 just like on server1.
          4. Use the pack.sh/.cmd script on Server1 to pack the domain into a jar file
          5. Move the doman jar file to Server2 and unpack it with the unpack.sh/.cmd command
          6. Configure the Node Manager on Server2 and Enroll it in the domain
          7. When the Node Manager is working and communicating with the Admin Server on Server1,
          you can the start the NewManagedServer via the Admin Console.

          Hope this helps :-)

          Regards Peter