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    engine element

      Hi everyone.
      do you think it is possible to add another engine element in report server configuration file (rep_servername.conf) like the one below:--

      <engine id="rwEng" class="oracle.reports.engine.EngineImpl" initEngine="6" maxEngine="50" minEngine="5" engLife="50" maxIdle="30" callbackTimeOut="90000" defaultEnvId="AR">
      <!--property name="sourceDir" value="your reports source directory"/-->
      <!--property name="tempDir" value="your reports temp directory"/-->
      <!--property name="keepConnection" value="yes"/-->

      <environment id="AR">
      <envVariable name="NLS_LANG" value="ARABIC_EGYPT.AR8ISO8859P6"/>
      <envVariable name="TK_LOCALE" value="bidi"/>

      if it is possible how can I do that ?
      could anyone help me please?

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          Y do u need another engine...I can see U have set max engine parameter to 50,That means...50 reports can work at a same time..
          Is the load that high??Or might be records fetched in each report is too high due to which each report is taking longer time to execute..

          Please follow the below link for the same