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    Question about billing

      I am very new to CC&B and very new to billing. I am trying to find an answer tothis issue.....I have some accounts where bills are completing with only some of the SA"s. Other SA's that are active and need a meter read and the bill cycle is open, but the bill completes without them. I feel this must be a configuration issue, but what???
      THanks in advance!
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          Are you trying to bill manually or using the BILLING batch ?

          if using the batch, give a try on the account to bill manually, when generating the bill use the option Cut-off date and give the cut-off date as the date in which u have ur meter read. Make sure you SA/SP links are proper and the SP have a Meter installed. Post your results to understand better on whats happening
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            These are going through nightly batch. There is no "Pending Bill exists" and there are no bill segs in error because those SA's were not considered on the bill. Should have been a bill seg error that no read exists for SP during billing period. It is like the system doesn't even know they are there. The reading for these for whatever reading did not come in on the first day of the open billing window. The reads do come in on the second day, but by then the bill has already gone out the door without billing for these. THe next months bill does "catch up" and all segs are billed.
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              For an Metered SA(connected with SP) to be billed by the batch billing there are n number of conditions to be satisfied + your project specific restrictions as well.

              Assuming the initial basic checks were done like bill after date, no pending bills on the account, bill cycle is correctly linked to the service cycle,any TODO created by the billing batch for this account ID(char) etc etc

              Check the frequency on the rate schedule and Identify your service cycle schedule read date. The schedule read date should be less than the batch business date and it should be greater than (last frozen bill segment date for this SA + frequency max days).

              Let me know if that helps
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                This may be a very basic suggestion, but within the SA Type that does not get billed, check the Configuration under the Billing Tab, have you selected "Eligible for Billing' and the correct Bill Segment Type has been populated. Are these SA Types configured with any Special role flag?