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    How to create report in BTM

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      I am using BTM and I want to know how I can create a report for faulted and completed instance in BTM. I referred the oracle document but couldn't achieve my objective.

      how can I execute command to collect data and then create a report based on that data? I want to create a pie-chart or bar graph showing No of faulted instances and completed instances.

      Please guide!!
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          I have started working with BTM recently. I have a similar requirement as yours. I am able to get the reports as xml file using btmcli command.

          ex : btmcli retrieveObjectData -s http://localhost:7001/btmcentral/sphere -l xxx:xxx -type service -attributeNames friendlyName averageResponseTime -inTheLast 3h -intervalSize 1h -format xmltable > AvgResponseTimeByService.xml

          I am getting the content in AvgResponseTimeByService.xml correctly. Now is der any any way to generate graphs and charts using this automatically?

          Thanks in Advance..

          Harish Sujjun

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