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    What is best implementation for two human tasks?

      I am trying to find the best way to do this,

      I have two human task workflows that I have created. The application we are making uses one of these workflows based on a parameter you give it through a text box. So lets say you have workflow A and B. If you select A it will run and do workflow A and vice versa. These workflow also have different inputs associated with them for review.

      My question is what is the best way to implement this?

      My first thought is to create two separate projects, one that does workflow A and the other does workflow B and deploy both composites to the server, and have two separate form projects in the Application deployment.

      There is also another way I was thinking about doing this which is to have a mediator that takes in input and either goes from one bpel process or another bpel process, my problem with this is I don't know how to make certain fields in the webservice payload not mandatory. So any advice on this would be helpful.

      Is there any difference in the performance of these two ways? Which way is better?