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    Where's the Schema Selector in Query Builder???

    Joe Upshaw
      So, the good news is that we talked many of our users into abandoning Microsoft Access in favor of using APEX. Part of this sell was the APEX Query Builder feature. However, in, the Schema selector has, apparently, disappeared from the Query Builder. The only tables they can see in the QB are from the Parsing Schema.

      1. Proper access has been grated to the parsing schema to the other schema objects at the DB level.
      2. The other schemas have been added to the Workspace.
      3. The other schemas are available in the object browser.

      The schema selector was certainly available in previous versions of APEX. See http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E10513_01/doc/appdev.310/e12857/qry_bldr.htm. However, it is gone now.

      How do we get it back?