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    Oracle 10g Web Services: where's Folio.wsdl ?

      Hi. We're using the 10g com.stellent SOAP web services API onto the Oracle Content Manager. We have deployed the following services successfully: CheckIn.wsdl, GetFile.wsdl, Search.wsdl, DocInfo.wsdl, MetaData.wsdl, Subscription.wsdl, PortalInfo.wsdl, Workflow.wsdl. However there's doesn't seem to be an available WSDL that maps onto the Folio services (eg CREATE_FOLIO_RENDITION, CHECKIN_NEW_FOLIO, UPDATE_FOLIO etc).

      Does anyone know if this is supported ? Or is it mandatory to use either RIDC or the 11g GenericSoapService when trying to create / edit etc Folios ?

      Any help greatly appreciated!