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    Need multiple selectonechoice items off of one view object

      Hi all,

      I'm still fairly new to ADF. I'm looking for the best way to implement this use case. I'm on JDev I have 4 different fragments that have a selectonechoice that queries the same database table. They will differ in the data they display from screen to screen.

      For instance, the selectonechoice will be populated with CHECK_TYPE values. According to permissions, a user can VOID, PRINT, VIEW, etc. They may be able to VIEW but not PRINT a particular CHECK_TYPE. So the different screens need to show different values.

      Is there any way to just query a "master" VO once and display the results differently in each of the screens? Some sort of filter in memory? Right now I have 4 different VOs with 4 different where clauses. It slows down the performance of the screen coming up for the user.

      Thanx for any direction.