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    Creating WSRP 2.0 Portlet.


      I am trying to create simple portlet using JDeveloper’s portlet creation wizard, and I am using JDev
      My question is that I am not able to see the checkbox for the following option in the wizard:

      Enable inter-portlet communication using Oracle WSRP V2 extensions.

      Could you please let me know when this check box is rendered.

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          Yannick Ongena
          Each portlet you create in JDev is WSRP 2.0 enabled by default.
          The portlet.xml is according to the portlet 2.0 standards which enabled IPC.

          JDev does not has a wizard to let you add IPC parameters. You just need to add parameters to the portlet.xml.

          You can read this: http://yonaweb.be/inter_portlet_communication_jsr_286_and_webcenter_11g_ps3