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    Pricing, Modifiers in Sales Order Form

      Hi Gurus,

      Please help me to resolve the issue with Pricing, Modifier to Sales Order:

      I have created Master price List for Item A - $40

      Modifer 1 - Dealer Discount Price is 20% (Created Modifier as Dealer Discount - 20%)

      Modifer 2 - Order Header discount is 10% on total Order Value (Created Modifer with Discount : Level - Order; Modifer Type - Discount; Pricing Phase - Header Level Adjustments, Application Method - Percentage; Value - 10%

      Assgined to respective Qualifers (Customers), set as Automatic

      Ran Build Attribute mapping values concurrent program in Pricing Module. Status : sucess

      After doing All above steps created Sales order for respective Customer, system is applying Modifer 1 Automatically but MODIFIER 2 not able to apply at order header leverl, Not able to see this Modifier list under SO form
      Action->View Adjustment.

      Can you please check and let me know the problem to achieve this issue.

      Highly appreciate your response.