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    idoc script in NeedToKnow Component


      I can't call any service in idoc script of NeedToKnow component on the page "Content Security Configuration Information". I can use simple idoc script like <$if UserName like 'weblogic'$> etc. But when I try to execute my service to determine security rules:

      <$if canRead like 'true'$>

      this causes an error: "The NTK security script is invalid" when I try to reach the document. I can use any standard service: <$executeService("GET_USER_INFO")$> - and get the same result. There are no errors occur when I press "Update" button, so idoc script is correct.

      Any ideas?

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          This question is hard.

          The only similar post I could find is here: http://selvam2day.blogspot.co.uk/2010/10/sample-step-by-step-implementation.html (see comments from yesterday - aren't they yours?)

          There seems to be no obvious reason, why it should not work, but maybe it's just designed this way. You may analyze where the error message comes from and maybe you'll get the reason, but I would ask the support.