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    Why spool doesnt work for me?

      I just start to use SQL Developer and everyday i have several routines like export all data to XLS files, clear colums, reset values and etc.
      So i start to search for comands that will do all this but i cant make one of them work
      This one it's for export a Table to a excel file and i'm using spool

      Spool c:\TABLE.xls
      Select * from DATATABLE;
      Spool off

      the comand creates the TABLE.xls but it has nothing on it, i have search the internet and try some solutions, and none of them have worked,
      can anybody help me?

      i'm using sqldeveloper
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          Spool will create a text file, so while your file will be created with the XLS file extension, it's just going to be a flat text file. If you want an Excel file, you'll need to use the SQL Developer Grid, Export -> Excel feature. I believe there are some folks that have built db packages that can create xls files, so you could try looking for those if you wanna stay in the script/SQLPlus world.

          Also, your version is very out of date. Can you upgrade to v3.2 and try again?