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    SQL developer newbie queries - howto

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      I took over my colleague's PC that has installed SQL developer and using it to perform deployment for sql scripts for developers and it is working fine.

      There are already stored procedures created before I took over in the databases under the database / schema in sql developer. Now I want to deploy (create) new store procedure in the existing database / schema by right clicking the procedure title on the left of the sql developer. After clicking the create / key in the name of the procedure name / key in the database / pasted the procedure on the right side of the sql developer and saving it. Till this stage, there is no error but on the left side of the sql developer under the database / schema, I can't find the procedure that I have just created.

      Appreciate any advice and thanks in advance.
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          At this point you just have the procedure in your editor.

          Click the 'Compile' button in the editor toolbar, it will look like a set of sprockets/gears. This will send the 'Create or Replace...' statement to the database. You'll then be able to see the new object in your tree, although you might need to manually refresh the tree for the new object to appear.