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    Spatial Index Fragmentation

    Gokul Gopal

      We are facing a problem with spatial query performance on

      Apologies for limited information, I am still gathering information, but thought of asking this upfront.

      What we have noticed is that queries involving SDO_ANYINTERACT runs slower say at about 8 secs. On Export/Import of data, the same query
      runs in 0.5 secs.

      Has anyone had a similar issue ? From the spatial index table I am not able identify if there is any fragmentation.

      Pls let me know.

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          John O'Toole

          You'll have to provide a lot more information to get a meaningful answer.

          I haven't found any issues with spatial queries on
          - Can you supply us your SQL query, preferably with an execution plan?
          - How many rows in the table?
          - How many rows does the query return?
          - Is the data in a projected coordinate system or not?
          - What do you mean by Export/Import and what is different about the query run at that stage?