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    Large planning forms hang on IE8 and 9

      We have recently migrated to and for planning we are noticing that the large forms are stuck at loading data level.

      I have made the following changes on Planning Server.
      1. Set ADF= false on application and system properties.
      2. bumped JVM to Xms 512 and Xmx 1024
      3. On IE, In "Miscellaneous" section enable options "Access data sources across domains" and "Allow script-initiated
      windows without size or position constraints"
      In "ActiveX controls and plug-ins" section enable "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins" and "Script ActiveX controls
      marked safe for scripting".
      4. Added planning to trusted sites.
      5. on the Weblogic side, I have modified WLIOTimeoutSecs 3600.

      It doesn't seem to help at all. Any ideas ?