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    Error while uploading Reversing Journal using Webadi


      When uploading a reversing journal the following message is returned.... "Reversal Period must be supplied when Reverse Journal is set to Yes"

      This is despite the Reversal period(P2-13) is in Open status.

      Category          * List - Text     Standard reversing     
      Source          * List - Text     Spreadsheet     
      Currency          * List - Text     GBP     
      Period          List - Text     P1-13     
      Accounting Date     * List - Date     1/29/2013     
      Batch Name          Text     SS-CZN-7828012-070213-17:03     
      Journal Name          Text     SS-CZN-7828012-070213-17:03     
      Reverse Journal          List - Text     Yes     
      Reversal Period/Date     List - Text     P2-13     

      Any help?