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    How to Add Access Platform in SQL Developer

      Though it was default in previous versions but I think it is not in this version. I have downloaded the latest copy of SQL Developer from your site. While trying to migrate data from Access to Oracle using Migration Wizard (Tools>Migration>Migrate option) I am not getting any Access data in source database window. There are nothing under Available Source Platforms. Kindly let me know how to bring Access Platform in SQL Developer
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          Have you checked all the steps in the SQL*Developer documentation ?
          Review the relevant sections of -

          Oracle® SQL Developer User's Guide Release 3.2

 Before Migrating From Microsoft Access
 Creating Microsoft Access XML Files

 Creating Data Files From MySQL

          2.3 SQL Developer User Interface for Migration

          2.3.1 Migration Submenu

          Are you able to create a connection to an Access mdb file using the 'Connections' options ?
          See -

          5.21 Create/Edit/Select Database Connection

          and the information under -
          Access tab

          If you can make a connection to the Access mdb file then you should be able to make the migration also by followingthe steps detailed in the documentation.