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      I am converting over to Oracle SQL Developer from Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer and I have a question about setting up filters for objects.
      If I want to setup a filter under Other Users, it seems like I can only do that by schema name and there doesn't seem to be any AND or OR ability to build the search criteria. In the IDE I was using before this I was able to setup a filter that looked like..........
      owner LIKE '%GOLF%' OR object_name LIKE '%GOLF%'

      So then when I clicked on Procedures it would bring back a list like................

      So, any object that has the string 'GOLF' anywhere in it, whether it's the schema name or part of the object_name is returned.

      Is there a way to do this in Oracle SQL Developer? I'm using

      Thank you!

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          The short answer is no, but I do not believe your use case is entirely realistic. SQL Developer filtering is layered:

          1. By schema name rule (for Other Users node)
          2. By object name rule (for all object types within a specific schema / connection node)
          3. By object name rule (for a specific object type within a specific schema)
          4. Layers 1 and 2 have an implicit AND condition
          5. Layer 3 provides a Match Any or Match All option, so that predicate will contain either all ANDs or all ORs
          6. Layer 3 also provides an option to ignore the rule in layer 2.

          This filter coverage seems fairly complete for most cases. Otherwise create a user defined report with the necessary SQL query.

          SQL Developer Team