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    How to create a Zoom like effect?


      I have a Pane right now that I am drawing lines inside of. Its actually drawing coordinates coming back from my hardware device (a cnc controller).

      What I would like to be able to do is mouse wheel in (or out) and only see a portion of the pane. Scaling does not seem to fit my need. Perhaps there is nothing out there like this? I am sorry if this is not clear. Here is a picture of my GUI.


      The pane is the red dashed outline. I would like to place my mouse say over the top of the green line... Mouse wheel up and have the red dashed lines stay where they are at, however only seeing the top of the green line filling the whole red dashed outline. I am not sure what / how to achieve this effect.

      Does that make sense?
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          Scaling does not seem to fit my need.
          Why not?

          Can you describe in more detail what you tried, how you implemented it, how it behaved and how that behaviour differed from what you need?

          Perhaps supplying a simple, sample test case of executable code as well might help get your question answered.