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    Replace Null With 0 in Pivot Table in a BI Publisher Report (Not OBIEE Answ

      I have a problem with nulls in a pivot table. I got a measure column in my BI Answers analysis and I made a report with a model based in this analysis. When I add a pivot table to my report the 0 measures don't display.
      In first place I found that there's a bug (13054445). I download and ran the patch, then I tried editing data format in my analysis column and in BI Answers and this worked. The 0 displays correctly, but in the report it's still not displaying.

      I tried editing the formula in the analysis with:
      CASE WHEN column IS NULL THEN 0 ELSE column END
      CASE WHEN column IS NOT NULL THEN column ELSE 0 END
      IFNULL(cast("column"as varchar (10)), '0')
      And nothing works

      When I tried this: CASE WHEN column IS NULL THEN 0 ELSE 656565656 END
      in the report the 6565656565 display correctly but the 0 still doesn't display.

      Does anybody know if that is a bug? Or does another option exist that can I try?