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    Add new content through REST API

      Hello experts.
      Currently I am studying REST API for WebCenter Sites, but I can't understand one thing: is there any way to ADD some content to repository through REST API?
      And if it's possible, how can I achieve this?

      I have read docs and I know how to get some content:
      But how to add some asset (for example article)?
      And should I know article id beforehand? Or can I add some asset and then get its id?
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          Hi Michael,
          Did you check the samples provided with the installation files? The samples should be somewhere in: \misc\Samples\WEM Samples\REST API samples

          You would be interested in the samples in the flexassets directory. There are four types of samples:
          1. CreateAsset.java
          2. DeleteAsset.java
          3. ReadAsset.java
          4. UpdateAsset.java

          Hope this helps.

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