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    how to avoid null value when pass parameter in pagedef


      a little elegant advise needed!
      in pagedef i hava a function with input parameters
      in case pageFlowScope.dcaid is not populated i get an error upon function invocation

      <methodAction id="setDcaAssignmentBatch" RequiresUpdateModel="true" Action="invokeMethod"
      MethodName="setDcaAssignmentBatch" IsViewObjectMethod="false" DataControl="AppModuleDataControl"
      <NamedData NDName="pDcaid" NDValue="#{pageFlowScope.dcaid}" NDType="oracle.jbo.domain.Number"/>

      how can i make sure the value is set some default value , say 0
      i assume it would be something like
      NDValue="#{(pageFlowScope.dcaid==null?0:pageFlowScope.dcaid)}" - this one doesn't work , though...
      please share!
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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          instead of referencing a pageFlowScope attribute directly, create a managed bean in page flow scope
          public class MyBean{
          oracle.jbo.domain.Number dcaid = new oracle.jbo.domain.Number(0);
          public void setDcaid (oracle.jbo.domain.Number in){
             dcaid = in;
          public oracle.jbo.domain.Number getDcaid(){
             return dcaid;
          if you reference this in your PageDef file then the value will never be NULL