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    Error while creating a scheduler


      I have created a scheduler to reconcile the data from trusted resource. It ran fine yesterday and was pushing users in OIm. Now I am not able to push the users. 2nd record has been deleted for OIM console, thereofre it is throwing below error:

      oracle.iam.reconciliation.exception.CreateException: oracle.iam.platform.kernel.ValidationFailedException: IAM-3050007:The user with the attribute User Login and value xyz already exists.:User Login:xyz
      at oracle.iam.reconciliation.impl.EntityTypeHandler.create(EntityTypeHandler.java:102)

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          If the user has been deleted from OIM, then you can't create the same user unless you have below configured;

          System Property Detail: User Id reuse property.Requires dropping the index present on USR_LOGIN column

          To reuse a deleted user account, assign this property a value of TRUE and drop the unique index for the USR_LOGIN column in the USR table and create a nonunique index. To prevent a user account from being reused, assign this property a value of FALSE.


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            Please follow the below steps to re-create the deleted user.
            Update deleted user record, so the login name can be reused:
            1. Log in to OIM Console as xelsysadm
            2. Click Administration -> Users --> Search
            3. Check Match All, enter the User Login, Click Search
            4. Select the user, click Delete User. This will delete the user.
            5. Login OIM Database as OIM shcema name (default is DEV_OIM)
            6, Run following sql command
            update usr set usr_login = usr_login || '-deleted' , usr_first_name = usr_first_name || '-deleted', usr_last_name = usr_last_name || '-deleted' , usr_ldap_dn = usr_ldap_dn || '-deleted' , usr_ldap_guid = usr_ldap_guid || '-deleted', usr_common_name = usr_common_name || '-deleted' , usr_email = usr_email || '-deleted' where USR_STATUS='Deleted'
            7. Then you can reuse the original user login

            These steps are recommended by Oracle in the metalink id 1451717.1.