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    Trigger/Sequence not in ddl preview when comparing models

      I've a problem with incremental DDL generation and trigger/sequence (auto-increment).

      First case :
      I've created a table and generated it in my Oracle database.
      Then, I've defined on my primary key column the "Auto-increment" and "Identity column" to Yes (and of course sequence and trigger names filled).
      If I generate DDL (File/Export or Generate DDL button), no problem. The DDL script contains the sequence and trigger defined in auto-increment properties.
      But if I compare my model and the database (Import data dictionnary, swap target...), the sequence and the trigger are not in the DDL preview.

      Second case :
      If I create a new table in my relational model, with filled auto-increment properties, and then I compare model and db, the new table is created, with associated sequence and trigger. This is completely normal.

      Last case :
      A trigger manually defined in physical model is not in DDL preview if the table already exists in database. If the table doesn't already exist in db, all statements (table, sequence, trigger) are generated.

      my conclusion : auto-increment properties are not taken into account in the incremental DDL generation if the table already exists.

      Can you confirm this ?


      (Data modeler 3.1.4)