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    Hyperion Planning webforms not accessible through Smartview


      We are facing a strange issue with Smartview, as when certain users attempt to access webforms through SV they only get a message that "You have insufficient access to view the selected page", while the same users have access to the same webforms if they open them through workspace.

      The application has been deployed and the security filters have been created without any issues. The error message that was recorded on the local SmartViewLogs log that is located on the client that runs smartview is the following :
      "[2013-02-08T14:43:06][SVC][ERROR:1][SVC1000][SVC][ecid: d7921158-d7b3-4131-aba6-50187e75c82f,0]You have insufficient access to view the selected page."

      The logs of the analytic provider services did not record anything relevant to this issue.

      The version of Planning is , while for Smartview

      Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

      Thanks in advance