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    Backup ORACLE_HOME

      Hello All
      it is required to shutdown all databases and Listeners etc. before i can make a Backup of the ORACLE_HOME (11gR2) ?

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          Not required.
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            Srini Chavali-Oracle
            Pl post OS details. What exactly do you mean by "backup of ORACLE_HOME" - what tools or commands are you using to back up ?

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              Robert Geier
              It is not necessary to shutdown databases or listeners to backup binary files or logfiles.
              Since binary files will only change when you patch the software, many companies just do a weekly full / daily incremental backup of the binary files and logs.
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                PerYcut wrote:
                Hello All
                it is required to shutdown all databases and Listeners etc. before i can make a Backup of the ORACLE_HOME (11gR2) ?

                No, you can use tar command to do this.
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                  $ORACLE_HOME does not require to bring down the services running/dependent on it , it is not specific to 11g but to all oracle versions ( at least in UNIX environment )
                  No binaries being modified when DB /TNS are up but log/trace files within $ORACLE_HOME keeps on updating unless it is configured in non-default location, which should not be an issue for binary backup

                  Ajay More
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                    No need to bring down the DB & TNS ...u can proceed for ORACLE_HOME backup......
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                    Shishir Tekade.
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                      thanks to all .
                      we use aix , linux and solaris os
                      the answer is . the oracle home can be copy or tar d if any binaris are in use and we have a consistent backup of the oracle home. only for patching we must shutdown the services.
                      thats right ?
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                        Srini Chavali-Oracle
                        Yes - correct

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                          Actually your question has missing part such as why do you need to take backup Oracle_Home.. What is your issue?

                          ORACLE_HOME is keeping binary which oracle need to run. You can take this path backup regularly or not, it depends. For patching you need to backup this path.

                          If you check patch readme part you can get all information about what you have to do before patching

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