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    How to implement node affinity for java type concurrent programs.

      How to run a concurrent program against a specific RAC instance with PCP/RAC setup? (Doc ID 1129203.1)

      This works for non java registered concurrent programs but not java registered with use the DBC file

      EBS RAC environment with two RAC nodes. We would like to implement node affinity to allow concurrent programs to be directed to a single RAC instance. Oracle have provided the NODE AFFINITY ability via the concurrent program definition in Session Control. This then uses the entry in the 10.1.2 tnsnames.ora to pass the request directly through to the instance as defined by Node Affinity.

      However, concurrent programs defined as type java do not access the database by the 10.1.2 tnsnames.ora but use the dbc file under $FND_SECURE. This file is configured for both self service and concurrent processing so any change to the dbc file entry will affect both self service and concurrent processing.

      How to we implement a node affinity solution for concurrent programs without affecting Self Service conncetions? We'd like the dbc file to directly connect java concurrernt programs through to one instance but the self service connections to use the SERVICE name only.