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    deleting wrong values

      hi when i click mt delete button it delete wrong information or values,it does not delete the value from the table it goes and delete value from my forms i drag and drop the correct delete button,am in jdeveloper
      my button is
      <af:commandButton actionListener="#{bindings.Delete1.execute}"
                                              text="Remove Member"
                                              id="cb8" immediate="true"/>
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          Sashank Pappu
          Hi ,

          Can you please send the deleted Wrong values and where you mentioned them . Can you elobrate the issue little more by saying what actually is your requirement and what approach you followed for it .

          Thank you,
          Shashank P
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            hi i drag and drop my delete values from my data control under operations,is there another way i can do delete like manual delete because i what to delete value in my database and pass those values in my OID and delete tham there
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              Sashank Pappu
              Hi ,

              Is this what you are looking for ? As we can even use managed bean to execute the operations.


              Thank you,
              Shashank P.
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                hi this is what i have done
                <af:commandButton actionListener="#{bindings.Delete1.execute}"
                                        <af:setActionListener from="#{true}"
                    private boolean deleteAction = false;
                    private boolean EditAction = false;
                    private boolean createAction = false;
                    private ViewRowImpl selectedJobs;
                    public void setDeleteAction(boolean deleteAction) {
                        this.deleteAction = deleteAction;
                    public boolean isDeleteAction() {
                        OIDOperations   oIDOperations= new  OIDOperations();
                        Map<Object,String> mp=new HashMap<Object, String>();
                        oIDOperations.dropUsrRole(getorgname(), mp);
                        System.out.println("deleted user" +mp);
                        return deleteAction;
                    public void setEditAction(boolean EditAction) {
                        this.EditAction = EditAction;
                    public boolean isEditAction() {
                        FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
                        ExpressionFactory ef = ctx.getApplication().getExpressionFactory();
                        ValueExpression ve = ef.createValueExpression(ctx.getELContext(), "#{row.Username}",String.class);
                        //ValueExpression ve1 = ef.createValueExpression(ctx.getELContext(), "#{row.jobId}",String.class);
                        String Username  = (String)ve.getValue(ctx.getELContext());
                        if(this.getSelectedJobs() != null){
                        return EditAction;
                    public void setCreateAction(boolean createAction) {
                        this.createAction = createAction;
                    public boolean isCreateAction() {
                        return createAction;
                    public void setSelectedJobs(ViewRowImpl newselectedJobs) {
                        this.selectedJobs = newselectedJobs;
                        if(this.selectedJobs != null){
                            this.EditAction = true;
                            this.EditAction = false;
                            this.createAction = false;
                            this.deleteAction = false;
                    public ViewRowImpl getSelectedJobs() {
                        return selectedJobs;