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    How to create multitab excel worksheet from PLSQL

      I have an Oracle PL/SQL procedure that creates a csv file with output.

      I would like to create an Excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs, seperate information in each tab, being populated from the PL/SQL Procedure. The procedure is being called from a Unix script.
      Please help me with your suggestions on this.
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          I'm not sure that I understand how this relates to replication. It would probably be more appropriate in a different forum.

          Personally, when I've needed to do this, I've created a Java stored procedure and used one of the Java APIs that are out there to support generating XLS files. Potentially, if you only need to support more recent versions of Excel, it is probably possible to create an XML file that Excel will open in multiple worksheets though I've never bothered to learn enough about the various Excel file formats to be able to guarantee that.