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    Attaching different file to PO based on purchasing category


      What I would like to do is attach a different terms and conditions file to a PO based on the purchasing category.

      I have gone some way to setting this up but it is not working.

      What I have done so far is:
      1. Create a new category called "Terms and Conditions" here:
      Application Developer -> Attachments -> Document Categories -> Add category “Terms and Conditions”
      2. Click on "Assignments" and add the same forms/functions as “To Supplier” in the Assignments screen, plus "Define Category"
      3. In a purchasing administrator responsibility go to Setup -> Items -> Categories -> Category Codes and search for the category I would like to add the attachment to.
      4. Go to View -> Attachments and create an attachment here for the category I defined earlier. I have tried using short text attachments and file (e.g. word or pdf) attachments.
      5. Create a PO for the category I defined the attachment for. Observe that my attachment has not been created (but the PDF version of the PO has as usual) by looking in fnd_attached_documents.

      The EBS version is 12.1.3.

      If you can offer me any pointers I'd be very grateful.
      Many thanks,