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    OSB architecture and different control paths

      Hello, reading docs seems to be that control-path to library ( others back sfw normally managed by the backup server ) that admin server manages is only on tcp-ip ( mount commands to library goes through management network ) ..the same on best practice documentation-preso....
      But what's happen whenever the library has control-path on FC link ?

      in other words can you explain where and how can i deploy the control path on the different possible library scenarios ?

      SL3000 can have fc or ip control-path interfaces without acsls , so osb should cover the 2 flowers, but how ?
      SL150 for example cannot have an IP control-path but only FC,,,do we need to have admin server on the media server as the only possible architecture ?

      can the admin server be virtualized on OVM or VMware viirtual server ? if so are there any limitation with l150 library ?

      Where id detailed documentation or manual covering that side of the moon ?
      Thanks a lot