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    How to upload CLOB and BLOB columns

    Rod West

      I am trying to upload CLOB and BLOB columns to the cloud. When I add tables with CLOB and BLOB columns to the SQLDeveloper cart, tick the data box and deploy to the cloud then a deploy.zip file is created containing the ctl and ldr files. However, the table ldr file in the deploy.zip contains references to the blob files but these files are not in the deploy.zip. Hence when the deploy file is processed it contains errors:

      SQL*Loader-502: unable to open data file 'RW1_DATA_TABLEbab986cc-013c-1000-8008-c0a838015cd7.ldr' for field "BNAME" table "RW1"
      SQL*Loader-553: file not found

      For CLOB columns there are no ldr files created.

      Any ideas what I am doing wrong here, or is it just not possible?

      Rod West