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    Refresh Group

    Pierfrancesco Girolami
      Hi all,
      how can I find and manage my Refresh Group with SQLDeveloper? I see subnode about Tables, Views, Procedures, ... but nothing about Refresh Group... I've found some information on the "DBMS Jobs" folder but it's not enough...
      Any help?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Pierfrancesco,

          It looks like a feature request was made for this on the SQL Developer Exchange (http://sqldeveloper.oracle.com/):

          but there may have been some confusion over the wording of the request since only one member of the community voted for it. And, from the comment, without seeming to understand the part about "refresh groups". The request was accepted (and implemented with respect to schedules/jobs for 3.1 and 3.2), but apparently not the refresh group portion.

          You may wish to add another feature request explicitly for refresh groups. It seems like an important feature for database administration.

          For now, if you wish to create refresh groups for materialized views, set start dates, run intervals, and add specific mviews to the groups, you will have to roll your own. Once a refresh group exists with valid schedule properties, the database will run it but I am not certain which job name does that.

          There is currently one reference to REFRESH_GROUP in our code. It occurs in Views -> DBA -> Data Pump in the Include/Exclude filter selector of the Import/Export wizards.

          SQL Developer Team

          Edited by: Gary Graham on Feb 8, 2013 11:26 PM
          Accepted for 3.0, but implementation began with 3.1 with improvements in 3.2
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            Pierfrancesco Girolami
            Hi Gary,
            thanks a lot for your reply. I'm going to add a new feature request because, in some kind of project, managing Refresh Group is a very usefull chance.

            Thanks again.