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    SGD Session idle time out vs. application resumability

      Running SGD 4.6 on Solaris. I'm confused by the way application resumability is working with the SGD session idle time out feature.


      1. I have the Global communication User Session Idle Timeout set to 3600 seconds (1 hour).
      2. I have an X Application defined that has the Application Resumability set to "During the user session" and the timeout set to 15 minutes.
      3. Log in to SGD and start the above X application. Now let the app and SGD session set idle for an hour.
      4. After 1 hour, the SGD session is "logged out". At this time, the X application is no longer visible, BUT it still exists on the server. If you log back in to SGD at this time, the X applicatioon can be resumed.
      5. After another 15 minutes, the X application is terminated on the server.

      Under this scenario, open apps should be terminated when the idle session timeout kicks in, but they are not.

      Is this by design, or a bug? The way it currently works is inconsistent with the documentation and confusing to the user. Currently if you do have an application timeout set to "during the user session" and do an actual log out of SGD, the open application is terminated immediately. But if the session idle time is used and out kicks in, it treats it like a session disconnect instead.