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    NPD - Document ADMN -> Delete Document


      I created a new activity from an activity template within a project.

      I created a very simple user with no roles but he is the owner of STEP 2 of this activity.

      I logged in AGILE for process with this user.

      I went to this activity which is now in STEP 2.

      I click on it EDIT button on top right side to make my amendments.

      At the very bottom of the screen, I can see now the section "DOCUMENT ADMIN" with "delete document" button.

      Basically in a few clicks, this very simple user can delete the whole activity !!!

      System prevents this user from delelting it only if the activity gets into its terminal step.

      It is not acceptable as any user at any stage of an activity workflow could get crazy and delete all activities where he is the owner !!

      In ther documentation this functionality is refered to templates or whole projects but not for a simple activity for a simple user !!

      What am I missing?

      Thanks and regards

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          This is how NPD currently works, submit an enhancement request around what you would like to see NPD to around deletion ability and your specific business requirements. NPD is meant to be collaborative and generally trusting of the participants.

          However, there are some validation events you can leverage in NPD that may help if you find your implementations have a lot of incidents of malicious behavior and users behaving badly. For example, you can tie a validation event on the activity delete action that doesn't allow any user to delete unless they are in a specific group. See the Extensibility Pack for more details around the events available in NPD and general reference implementations.