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    Session Time-out


      I'm setting "sessionInvalidationTime" property of /atg/dynamo/servlet/sessiontracking/SessionManager, in my application, its reflecting too but, session is not expiring.
      By default, session time out is 30 mins in jboss server.I've also changed the web.xml file and included the session-config tag, in which, i gave the necessary time-out ,that too,its not working.

      I'm using atg 10.0.2 and j-boss server,if anyone has any info regarding how to do session handling in atg, kindly,share with me.

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          Since the sessions are created and managed by JBoss, SessionManager.sessionInvalidationTime will not be used, application servers session timeout value will be used. After 30 mins (that you have configured in JBoss) also session is still active?

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            I gave one minute,as the by-default is 30 mins,but,my problem is , session is not expired after 1 minute.I've enabled the debug also,but nothing is shown on the console.


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              Nitin Khare
              The session would be managed by JBoss and since you are on ATG 10 so you would be using JBoss 5.1 which allows to define a common session-timeout for all applications and is defined at:


              Looks like timeout there could be overriding your application's web.xml. Try updating the value in web.xml of jbossweb.deployer under your server directory and see if it helps.
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                Even,this is not working.

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                  Session timeout for HttpSessions is handle by the hosting app server. If you are referring to timeout of Nucleus session scope (and session NameContexts), Nucleus session scope timeout only happens only when all the app-server HttpSessions that are part of the name Nucleus session have expired (multiple web-apps can can participate in the same Nucleus session, even though they have separate app-server HttpSessions).

                  For non-dyn/admin sessions, the GenericSessionManager component handles Nucleus session management. You can go to GenericSessionManager in the component browser in /dyn/admin, go up a level (to /atg/dynamo/servlet/sessiontracking/), and see some of the child sessions. If you click on one of those (at least in newer versions of ATG), you can see the (perhaps multiple) HttpSessions that are associated with a given Nucleus session.

                  Depending on version, it's possible the a web-app (like the "/dyn" web-app) is holding a Nucleus session open... so be sure to make sure that all the web-apps involved have the session-timeout you want.
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                    Try creating SessionManager Component directly under the server layer. For eg.:


                    and put just one line:


                    I guess then it'll pick it up.

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                      Gautam Singh
                      Few things to look at:
                      1. Make sure you do not have keep alive setting on or any client side based pooling implemented with your application. There are browser plugin to keep sessions alive too, make sure you don't have one installed.
                      2. If answer to 1 is NO then check for any exception or warning in logs related to HTTP Session. I remember I had faced issue where one of the OOTB ATG Session Listeners was throwing Exception stopping sessions from dying.

                      Also setting session timeout in SessionManager won't work, also Jboss gives precedence to session timeout in your web-app web.xml so setting session timeout in web.xml.
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                        Rahul,I tried this also,even,this is also, not picking.